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Cowboy Trackers offers experience with a Personal Touch


Experience With A personal Touch

Cowboy Trackers was founded by Dale Crawford – a retired police detective with 28 years of experience. Dale spent the majority of his time as a detective in Narcotics and Technical Operations where he saw the value of asset tracking and the GPS software it uses.

Cowboy Trackers wants to assist law enforcement agencies across the US with a dependable and reliable way to track their important assets. Our sales specialists also want to share their knowledge with non-law enforcement customers looking to track other important assets such as vehicles, pets, or even elderly loved ones.

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Cowboy Trackers offers industry leading personal and long term asset tracking. Contact our sales representative to learn more.

Cowboy Trackers uses a modern and easy to use GPS tracking software to monitor all your assets. Contact our sales representative to learn more.

Cowboy Trackers is a subsidiary of Cowboy Concealments - a secure provider of products for law enforcement.